Peder Moos


Peder Moos (1906 - 1991) was a Danish furniture designer and cabinetmaker who crafted nearly all his pieces himself - apart from a trolley and a triangular coffee table manufactured by Fritz Hansen. Moos was educated in Jutland but attended evening classes at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts where he studied under Einar Utzon-Franck (1888-1955) and Kaare Klint (1888-1954). His furniture has been exhibited in Stockholm, the Hague and New York's MoMa. 

From 1926 to 1929 Peder Moos worked in Paris, Geneva and Lausanne, but in 1935 he moved to Bredgade in city centre of Copenhagen where he opened his own workshop, which he maintained for 20 years. Moos worked in his own way, finding the wood he needed himself and making his furniture before drafting the plans. His pieces were unique in their elegance - for example he designed a bed that could slide in and out of his window so that he could sleep in the fresh air. 

His style is reminiscent of Art Nouveau but relatively more delicate and refined. Working mainly with wood, he would sand his pieces several times with very fine sandpaper, washing them off each time, which resulted in an especially fine finish. In stead of nails and screws, he used dowels and wedges in another kind of wood, creating special effects almost like marquetry. Moos only created some 30 to 40 pieces, but each one is quite distinctive.