Ole Wanscher


Ole Wanscher (1903-85) worked for Kaare Klint (1888-1954) between 1924-27 while he also studied at Klint’s department of furniture design at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Kunstakademiets Møbel-skole). Wanscher graduated in 1929 and then began working as an independent furniture designer. 

In 1954 Wanscher inherited Klint’s status as head of the department of furniture design and commenced a tremendous production of publications about the art of furniture. He described some the most important developments within the Danish history of furniture. These distinct articulations were also a characteristic that was seen in Wanscher’s own furniture designs which were said to be ‘gram-matically clear’. Throughout his life Wanscher collaborated with cabinet maker A.J. Iversen (1888-1979) with whom he elaborated a great line of furniture designs. Iversen realized many of Wanscher’s most approved designs such as The Egyptian Stool and The Colonial Chair, which today is emphasized as the climax of Danish furniture design.