Kay Fisker


Kay Otto Fisker (1893-1965) was a Danish architect and professor at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Kunstakademiet) mainly known for his high-density housing projects designed in a national version of the international Functionalism. Mean while Kaare Klint (1888-1954) became the head of the furniture design department at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Kay Fisker was entitled the head of the department for housing.

Even though Fisker’s main focus was upon housing, he also designed high quality furniture such as the Wing chair - designed circa 1941 and manufactured 1946-49 for use on the DFDS ferries M/S Kronprins Frederik and M/S Kronprinsesse Ingrid. Due to the war Fisker’s interior designs made for the ferry M/S Kronprins Frederik in 1941, was not completed before 1946. Fisker designed high-back sofas and chairs for the 1. Class smoking compartment and with small variations also high-back chairs for the 1. Class luxury suites.

Kay Fisker also left behind a great selection of silverware - especially his modern and elegant silver pitchers, which he continuously designed and redesigned throughout his life.