Jacob Kjær


Jacob Kjær (1896-1957) was a Danish furniture designer and one of the most remarkable cabinetmakers of his time. Kjær believed in high standards and the best of quality, which made him the chairman of the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild from 1952 until his death in 1957. He was too the president of the Arts and Crafts Committee for Exports from 1944 to 1957. 

Kjær received training as a cabinetmaker in his father’s workshop as well as in Berlin and Paris. After completing his training in Berlin and Paris, he exhibited works at the Barcelona World Exhibition in 1929. Characterized by simplicity, his designs drew on the finest materials which, unusually for his time, he crafted himself. Inspired by classical English Style, his clean, graceful designs are modern in interpreta-tion. One of his most notable works is the FN Chair designed for use at the United Nations Building in New York City.